We are a team of specialized lawyers focused on specific areas related to the Spanish and Luxembourg jurisdictions. In a timely manner we intervene in the Portuguese-speaking space, under the framework of “sponsor”, and in collaboration with Portuguese law organization, non-profit, focused on Luso-Peruvian relations.

We are interested in solving clients’ legal problems and that is why we focus on finding and presenting solutions. We do it according to the specialization obtained, academically and professionally, by each of our lawyers.

Our social sensitivity allows us to develop actions of solidarity with people who lack economic resources. We demonstrate this through our participation in official or private public assistance services.

As professionals who privilege excellence in our services, we are in constant and permanent state of training and updating of knowledge. We offer you a full range of channels created by new technologies.

When the client asks us for an appointment, he will discover that not only do we express ourselves based on our legal language, but we can also use your language: Portuguese, Spanish, French, English or German.

We also present various possibilities or modalities of payment of fees. We even offer the bank loan modality, without interest, in coordination with our banking partner.

This is how practical and functional the provision of our services is.

We exist to make our customers’ life easier.