European Union Investor Visa

European Union Investor Visa Three countries, three alternatives, three ways of adapting to the European Community “modus vivendi”. SPAIN Golden Visa is the common name for a specific type of residence in Spain. As a rule, it is obtained by a foreign citizen (investor, entrepreneur […]


Corporate Law: From the point of view of the Spanish-American client, there are several reasons that justify the incorporation of a company in Luxembourg. We will limit ourselves to indicating the most important ones: – Stability of Luxembourg as a country and financial banking centre;- […]


Spain Intellectual Property: The legal system indicates differences in terms of industrial property and intellectual property. Industrial property seeks to protect industry-related creations: patents and utility models, distinctive signs and designs. Intellectual property seeks to protect creations of the spirit that are realised through the personality […]

Peru: Foreign Investment and International Trade

The office aims to provide this service within the framework provided by the Peruvian jurisdiction. We seek the best alternatives for the client to make the most of the potential granted by legislation. We focus on taxation, labour advantages and all the nuances necessary to […]

European Union Law

Europe as an integration process, the bloc known as the “European Union”, is one of the most important players in international trade. As a member of the WTO, it strives for two essential policies: i) liberalisation of trade; ii) elimination of barriers that impede greater […]

Andean Community Law

The academic world of the Member States of the Andean Community of Nations agrees on the scope of Andean Community law, stating that “such law is characterised by being autonomous, having a coercive effect, being integrated into the national legal systems, where its effects are […]

Due Diligence

In the scenario where the implementation of capital investments or the identification of a local partner is at stake, or even in the implementation of mere business acts, the execution of due diligence development actions allows our client to identify risks and legal liabilities, to […]

International Cooperation for Development: Latin America and the Caribbean.

In this context we provide support services to public and private entities in the implementation of international development cooperation interventions, particularly in the countries that make up Latin America and the Caribbean. It aims to provide advice on managing the cooperation project cycle (EML), i.e. […]