Due Diligence

In the scenario where the implementation of capital investments or the identification of a local partner is at stake, or even in the implementation of mere business acts, the execution of due diligence development actions allows our client to identify risks and legal liabilities, to accurately analyse the consequences of profit or loss, and then implement a strategy to avoid or reduce the risks identified. However, for reasons of professional prudence, it is important to inform that we are not facing a positive figure in law, it is not expressed in legislation, it is not a legal concept, however, we can state without a doubt that we are facing a tool that opens a panoply of opportunities to take a definitive and advantageous decision.

Due diligence covers a series of investigation acts aimed at a certain and concrete business operation or when the interested party wishes to carry out a survey of the balance sheet of its activities. These acts, in a transversal perspective, are introduced in several areas of law, having the possibility to combine dissimilate interests in several legal specialities such as labour, fiscal, commercial, real, environmental or industrial issues, etc.