European Union Law

Europe as an integration process, the bloc known as the “European Union”, is one of the most important players in international trade. As a member of the WTO, it strives for two essential policies: i) liberalisation of trade; ii) elimination of barriers that impede greater fluidity, both at the technical and tariff level. Similarly, in terms of its trade policy, the European Community exercises acts of trade defence by carrying out anti-dumping procedures against goods coming from abroad and which have abnormal prices in terms of the healthy principles of free competition.

A very important part of the legislation of each Member State of the Union is based on the acquis communautaire. This importance goes beyond the limits of the European Community area and includes instruments of an international nature with third countries. It is hard to imagine a law firm providing excellent service without a solid grounding in European Community law. Knowledge of European Union law is essential for the healthy and competitive practice of European law, as it enables our lawyers to understand and use the principles of supranational law and to efficiently administer the methods of interpretation provided by Community law and by the intervention of the respective court as the supreme interpreter of European Union law.

The fruitful and rich experience acquired allows our lawyers not only to advise on the necessary supplementation of national law, but also to develop appropriate strategies before the respective EU bodies.