Peru: Foreign Investment and International Trade

The office aims to provide this service within the framework provided by the Peruvian jurisdiction. We seek the best alternatives for the client to make the most of the potential granted by legislation. We focus on taxation, labour advantages and all the nuances necessary to strengthen the competitiveness of our client.

We practice a legal-commercial strategy that allows the investor to develop his operations in the receiving market in safety and in a context of risk reduction. We aim to go beyond the legal implications of the operation and for this reason we combine factors as important as in-depth knowledge of the local administration’s modus operandi, mastery of the market’s cultural codes, the ability to know how to manage the channels of political intelligence and the keen sense of opportunities, seeking to anticipate the complex situations of the client – receiving market dichotomy.

– Determination of the structural guidelines of the operation (identification of opportunities, organisational tools, due diligence, political intelligence, etc.)

– Incorporation, acquisition and merger of companies,

– Tax, administrative, customs advice, etc.

In international trade we act in a global perspective, both in consultancy and in litigation, whether in bilateral or multilateral trade relations. We deal with technical and legal issues in order to avoid bureaucratic embarrassment and unnecessary differences or conflicts by intervening, analysing and developing negotiation processes, within the legal framework of the guidelines granted by the World Trade Organisation or the corresponding regional integration bodies or by the trade treaties signed between the European Union and Peru. We are also actively involved in the recovery of credits and assets, and in the preparation of contractual documents for international trade operations.