• Corporate Law: From the point of view of the Spanish-American client, there are several reasons that justify the incorporation of a company in Luxembourg. We will limit ourselves to indicating the most important ones:
    – Stability of Luxembourg as a country and financial banking centre;- High degree of protection and a wide range of safeguard instruments;

    – Transparency in terms of banking and financial management and movements;

    – Very advantageous tax regime;

    – Existence of double taxation agreements with most Latin American states;

    – Execution of operations for the acquisition, custody and disposal of securities and corporate securities of Luxembourg and the world in general; prudent administration and management of foreign exchange, precious metals, public debt securities. Immigration: Visas and work permits. Permission and renewal of residence, expulsion, family reunification, nationality.

  • Nationality and Immigration Law: Acquisition and loss of nationality. Visas and residence permit, family reunification, expulsions;
  • Construction Law: Licenses, permits, employment contracts, etc;
  • Intellectual Property Law: Trade mark, design, copyright;
  • New Technologies and IT Law;
  • Family Law: Food, adoption, divorce, separation of property.